ZZ Top Song Lyrics - Thug
Thug by ZZ Top

Eliminator lyrics

Thug lyrics

Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Eliminator (1983)


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You look like who you say you are
So scoot over let me drive your car
Roll down the glass and give me some wind
Lock all the doors I'm on the loose again alright!

I haven't sat behind a wheel like this
Since that job in 1956
Can't wait till I can do it again
Can't keep my nose clean livin' in sin alright!

I had a friend down in alcatraz
He had the money and machine guns stashed
We busted out june 21
We gonna rob, steal totin' our guns alright!

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Eliminator lyrics Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Eliminator
Song: Thug
Release: (1983)

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