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Pray For Me by Ace Hood
Trials & Tribulations lyrics Song: Pray For Me
Artist: Ace Hood
Album: Trials & Tribulations (2013)
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Paranoid going through it oh lord! somebody pray for me please somebody amen somebody

Somebody pray for me somebody pray for me ain't got no fucking mind somebody help me please them niggas still snitching no common loyalty boy I'm so stressed out too many lawyer fees somebody pray for me somebody pray for me them pussy niggas mad they filled with jealousy I got that problem solver now where my enemies somebody pray for me somebody pray for me

[Verse 1]
I think I'm going crazy I think I lost my mind feel like the feds watching I think they tapped my line I'm going through paranoia just paid another lawyer got to keep the devil off me I need some holy water lord somebody pray for me somebody pray for me I got so much money bitch I can't go to sleep I lost my granny georgia oh may she rest in peace I took a bunch of diamonds put 'em in my jesus piece I'm sick and tired of crying all my niggas in the city dying either that or prison cells they doing so much time I just won't ever get it that clip gonna come extended the last nigga threatened mine I swear he end up missing


[Verse 2]
I'm calling out to god I hope he get the message just bought a brand new choppa run up and you'll regret it my baby momma tripping that shit gonna have me stressing that money bring you haters but still know it's a blessing somebody pray for me somebody pray for me just 'cause I'm in the 'rari police wanna fuck with me they think I'm selling dope my neck a half a key my bitch is bad as hell she come from overseas this world is going crazy the streets is getting worser don't wanna get caught without it that's why I keep my burna oh please forgive me father the type to never bother you try my mother sister daughter you won't see tomorrow


Lord lord somebody pray for me somebody somebody oh lord!
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Trials & Tribulations lyrics Artist: Ace Hood
Album: Trials & Tribulations
Release: (2013)

  Pray For Me