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Testimony by Ace Hood
Trials & Tribulations lyrics Song: Testimony
Artist: Ace Hood
Album: Trials & Tribulations (2013)
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In jesus name I wish somebody would just give him some praise
In the name of jesus, is there anybody that could open up their mouth
And just begin to praise the lord, my god (hallelujah)
In the name of jesus,
Trials and the tribulations
He promised you he will never leave you nor forsaken you
But he never promised that you wouldn't have no trials or tribulations
These things are necessary
In your growth and your development in god
The trials and the tribulations, activate the oil on your life
They activate the strength that lays dormant in you
The struggle, the pressure, the law
All these things contribute in defining who you are
The story of your life
That is that precious, precious oil
It's the handiwork and will of god
Is there anybody that could just begin to declare that god is good
Is there anybody that could just stand up right now
Open up your mouth and tell somebody that god brought me through?
Is there anybody right now that has a testimony that will just call up right now
And tell of the goodness, tell of the mercy of the lord?
Is he god?
Is he god all by himself?
Somebody give him a praise!
Somebody give him a shout!
Oh hallelujah, glory!
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Trials & Tribulations lyrics Artist: Ace Hood
Album: Trials & Tribulations
Release: (2013)