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Brother by First Aid Kit

Stay Gold lyrics Brother
Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Stay Gold (2014)


Lyrics for Brother by First Aid Kit

Brother, you are my guiding star
Forever, you roam, I won't be far
I have so many things to learn from you
I was so lost until you came through
And led me through the dark

Brother, come close don't stray away
For I know
You'll turn and run from us some day
Like you must
We all do
I've been there too
If it all gets too real
I know how you feel
And I'll be your guiding light.

The world is so big, my brother
It is so scary large
When it gets too heavy, my brother
Add weight on me?

Brother, I haven't always been near
There's so much I've been through the last couple of years
You did grow
Leaps and bounds
With or without me
Here I am
Understand it's where I want to be
I'll follow you
My guiding star.

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This song is part of album 'Stay Gold'
Stay Gold lyrics Album: Stay Gold
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2014)

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