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Waitress Song by First Aid Kit

Stay Gold lyrics Waitress Song
Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Stay Gold (2014)


Lyrics for Waitress Song by First Aid Kit

I could move to a small town
And become a waitress
Say my name was stacy
And I was figuring things out.

See, my baby, he left me
And I don't feel like staying here tonight.

I remember sleepless nights
I remember chicago
I remember the music from the downstairs bar.

Girls, they just want to have fun
And the rest of us hardly know who we are.

It's a dark, twisted road we are on
And we are to walk it alone.

I could join the circus
When they come to town
Me and the freaks, the tamers
And that old sad clown.

I'd walk across that tight rope
Head held high
So close to death
I've never felt more alive.

But you know, it's a dark, twisted road we are on
And we are to walk it alone.

Could drive out to the ocean
And just stare in awe
I could walk 'cross the beaches
And sleep under the stars.

Our love would seem trivial and obscure
Now and never feel lost anymore.

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This song is part of album 'Stay Gold'
Stay Gold lyrics Album: Stay Gold
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2014)
  Waitress Song

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