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Clay by Goldfrapp

Tales Of Us lyrics Clay
Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Tales Of Us (2013)


Lyrics for Clay by Goldfrapp

Words sail
Out into the wind
Their meaning
Taken by time

Your deep seeing eyes
Ancient stars

We wanted only to love
How will I find you again?
Fate or chance

A beauty
In uncertainty
We fought them
On great white sand

Our shadows reframed memories
We want only to live
Only to love and breathe again

Your white waves in the night
Longing I'm lost
In dreams of mine

Blue billowing green waves of grass
The iron sky
Turning in the looking glass

Your deep seeing eyes
Ancient stars

You are wonderful light
My only love
Sleep well
Good night

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This song is part of album 'Tales Of Us'
Tales Of Us lyrics Album: Tales Of Us
Artist: Goldfrapp
Release: (2013)

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