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Jo by Goldfrapp

Tales Of Us lyrics Jo
Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Tales Of Us (2013)


Lyrics for Jo by Goldfrapp

Heard a shout of someone calling,
Strange and darkness.
People lack all feelings
Over the city tonight.
Hanging by behind the trees of,
Blood red mornings.
Watching all this waiting for you
Dread in my head.
Where the wind sings by the river
Laughing, broken.
Hair swept out into the water,
Ripples of black.
Run, you better run,
You better run for your life.

Oh it rips through the sky.
Oh life figures on.

Jo, I know you will see.
Don't wait for a minute.

Shiver while you breathing
All the while you breath land
(Oh you see winter)
Shiver while you breathing
All the while I breath land

Feel the grey at dawn meaning,
Sunset, spoken.
Where the wind sits by the river,
Ripples of black.

Days, you gotta run
You gotta run for your life

Oh your light feel you breath
Don't run with me.
Oh they'll leave you breath.
Don't wait for a minute.

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This song is part of album 'Tales Of Us'
Tales Of Us lyrics Album: Tales Of Us
Artist: Goldfrapp
Release: (2013)

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