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Alone by Hodgy

Untitled 2 EP lyrics Alone
Artist: Hodgy
EP: Untitled 2 EP (2013)


Lyrics for Alone by Hodgy

[Verse 1]
I'm never alone. it's me, myself in this misery
Darkness despite the 5/8 gliterries
Plug me in like I'm the new kinect, 360 xbox
Yeah, plug me in like I'm the new connect, slanging crack rock
Under the influence, underrated. my booth a sweat shop,
Hang towels and tank tops on my sony c800.
I could tell me to quit, enzymes rising in my liver.
But that's where me and him differ, nigga. I am not a quitter
Half the time mind's in the shitter. I'm in the clouds. I hit a spritzers.
Most of us don't love to be givers, pretty swell listeners providing for those relying
You can't define who you are. give fine line print refinement
Motives for better timing. my motive's forever rhyming
I open the forum for them. they're waiting for me to chime in
And say what I say, simon
I'm debating if I should sign here.


[Verse 2]
I'm never alone. it's me, myself, and my son
I'm up before the sun for my son. that's my number one priority,
Majority of people are minority. underhanded, I understand it.
Being taken advantage of ain't the best feeling is it? nah
The actions are found through anger ... concealed ...
I'm trying to implement the simple shit, not hoping for episodes of incidents
Which is prevalent without a settlement
I'm heaven sent, hell bound, fresher than luxury with lemon scent
And peppermints. leather. tints. rev the 6 series
Beep the horn and see if she can hear a bitch clearly
Make a bamboo earring got her name in cursive in the center
A self-centered woman with no room for you to enter on her vagina agenda
Got my name embedded, permanent henna
I'll forget the times we had, will find another to resemble... her.
There's always that somebody. could you possibly be that somebody that's uhh
Watching learning scheming, turning tables.
There's always somebody, there's always that
Could possibly be that somebody behind your back
Watching learning scheming, turning tables
Watching learning scheming, turning tables.

Nowadays you just gotta watch your back, baby
I mean you gotta watch your back like you got two backs
You feel me? can't be trusting these motherfuckers.
They all scheming, man. all they want is your motherfucking paper,
Your motherfucking talent, whatever you got.
Don't give up your independence, nigga
And your motherfucking mind and that's all you got, y'nahmean?
Besides your work.

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This song is part of album 'Untitled 2 EP'
Untitled 2 EP lyrics EP: Untitled 2 EP
Artist: Hodgy
Release: (2013)

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