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SALE by Hodgy

Untitled 2 EP lyrics SALE
Artist: Hodgy
EP: Untitled 2 EP (2013)


Lyrics for SALE by Hodgy

Left brain on the beat, nigga!
That's the word, fuck that, fuck that, fuck that! mellowhype!

[Verse 1]
Sellout, selling out on all these shows
Also I stitch them golf wang clothes
Did it without selling our souls, bitch we (sellout!)
At the end a nice stack in our dough
We ain't doing it for these hoes,
We did it for what the fuck who knows
Nigga, we sell out! I'm living life
You niggas broke, I'm rolling up
When you don't smoke, this shit is for real
This the life we choose, I ain't no sellout!
Been on rolls royce still on oakwood hodgy beats up to no good.
Push in that grain like I know that wood.

It's a sellout, 100, 400, 2000, we 'bout it
Sellout, 100, 200, 3000, we 'bout it nigga!

[Verse 2]
I'm on the edge like a coastguard, coast to coast I go hard,
Send you bitch niggas a postcard.
My nigga, I try to fuck with everybody
What's significan't about it
You can't fuck with anybody, nigga
If this beef is roastbeef.
Got it stuck between my gold teeth
It's how to make move, she choose me!
Cus' I'm the one! still partying when, the party is over
Hardly sober, always working,
Call this service tip my motherfucking chauffeur
Look at these niggas biting our culture
Hunting our style like vultures cool kids and
Packing impulsively I've been here, it's nothing you whore I'm about to do it again
You know I do it to win
While we choosin the smoke you niggas blowin away in shrooms
Kickin it, I'm trippin bars and kickin it with these bitch and dogs
Missin calls, business calls, I'm coming down, my dick getting soft
I'm headed to the shop, who's that sarah and cedric
I'm reppin the wreckin the crew but it's up to you, cash or credit.

It's a sale though, 100, 400, 2000, we 'bout it
Sale though, 100, 200, 3000, we 'bout it nigga!

Sellin all this merch all across the earth
We roll up our future, gotta get a shirt
You break, you buy
One shirt for 25.99
You just look no try
Sellin all this merch all over the earth
We pull up that wolfgang, gotta cop a shirt
Wolfgangnam style.

Mass producing trash from pollution, refusing wackness and bullshit
For the ones in the back of that classroom being the nuisance
Mass producing trash from pollution, refusing wackness and bullshit
For the ones in the back of that classroom being the nuisance.

[Verse 3]
You ain't on my level dawg
I push reverse and pedal dawg
You climbed up once, fell hella hard my nigga
Ridin global for my hella shows
You went around the globe, you ain't got talent hoe
Can't catch a phrase or balance bullshit, will be done
Finished diminished and plenished
I'm replenished in premise
About things that are utter and st st stutter, completed the sentences
Hodgy beats, I'll make you lovers hate me
I'm t-baggin the bad one and we don't even make tea.

Sale though sale though sale though sale though...

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This song is part of album 'Untitled 2 EP'
Untitled 2 EP lyrics EP: Untitled 2 EP
Artist: Hodgy
Release: (2013)

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