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Human Racing by St. Vincent

Marry Me lyrics Human Racing
Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Marry Me (2007)


Lyrics for Human Racing by St. Vincent

Romeo, where'd you go?
It's been years and still no sign
But I'm keeping hope alive.

Juliet, how you been?
You look like death like you sure could use some rest
From this place human racing and the faces of people who pound at your door.

They always want more they want more.

Hummingbird, what's the word?
Are you still your mothers child
Or have you found yourself a flower?

Flowerchild, you're still wild
Under a harvest moon can we eat of all the fruits of our youth?

Tell the truth now
Your heart is a strange little orange to peel
What's the deal?
What's the deal?

Mary, dear, how you feel?
Are you lost without your lamb?
You know I think I understand.

Little lamb, what's your plan?
Greener pastures in the sky?
It's a shame you want to die know why.

Just to find you've been blinded to the greenest of pastures they're right here on earth
For what it's worth you're not the first to break my heart.

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This song is part of album 'Marry Me'
Marry Me lyrics Album: Marry Me
Artist: St. Vincent
Release: (2007)
  Human Racing

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