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What Me Worry? by St. Vincent
Marry Me lyrics Song: What Me Worry?
Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Marry Me (2007)
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What me worry? I never do
I'm always amused and amusing you
Sans le fear of impending doom
Life is like banquet food pleasure to peruse.

Do I amuse you, dear? would you think me queer
If while standing beside you I opted instead to disappear? disappear.

In no hurry I'll sing my tune
All my skies the hue of a ruddy bruise
In my finest threads couture I'll call up my favorite muse
For a drink - half full - or two.

Have I abused you, dear? you have had it to here
You say, "love is just a bloodmatch to see who
Endures lash after lash with panache".

In the spring I'll dust off my lute, stuff my suitcase full of blues
And stir the dust underneath the thrust of my clicking heels.

C'est la vie.

What me worry? I never do
Life is one charming ruse for us lucky few.

Have I fooled you, dear?
The time is coming near when I'll give you my hand and I'll say,
"It's been grand, but... I'm out of here
I'm out of here".
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Marry Me lyrics Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Marry Me
Release: (2007)

  What Me Worry?