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Curse by Tear Out the Heart

Dead, Everywhere lyrics Curse
Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Album: Dead, Everywhere (2015)


Lyrics for Curse by Tear Out the Heart

No hesitation
Not sure I'll make it.
There is a place for this,
And it's not here.
Way past exhaustion,
And now I'm nauseous.
The state of mind I'm in
You'd call your hell.

I guess I'll save my breath
If I can't save my soul.

You don't make me,
You only make me wish we never met.

There's nothing but judgment
From people I can't see.
If you can't think clear,
I'll stay here until something changes me,
But it won't be you.

Feel free to hate me.
Nothing is changing.
There's a time for this
And it's not now.
I've lost my patience,
And now I'm anxious.
My chest caving.
I'm not worth saving.

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This song is part of album 'Dead, Everywhere'
Dead, Everywhere lyrics Album: Dead, Everywhere
Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Release: (2015)

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