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School Of Bleeders by Tear Out the Heart

Dead, Everywhere lyrics School Of Bleeders
Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Album: Dead, Everywhere (2015)


Lyrics for School Of Bleeders by Tear Out the Heart

You have no idea what I've been through.
No matter what these people have told you.
Consider this a lesson in morality.
You need to be brought back to reality.

I've been living nightmares every day.
I've been holding on to everything I hate.
This is where I start again cause I'm stronger now,
And these thoughts don't own me.
These thoughts don't own me.

I can't believe all this shit I've lived through,
No matter who tried to stop me.
I won't fall for a deliberate ploy.
I brought it into this world, it's mine to destroy.

I'm not anyones propaganda except my own.
I'm standing in a house of glass,
With a fist made of stone.

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This song is part of album 'Dead, Everywhere'
Dead, Everywhere lyrics Album: Dead, Everywhere
Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Release: (2015)
  School Of Bleeders

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