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Far Side Of The Moon by Tinashe

Aquarius lyrics Far Side Of The Moon
Artist: Tinashe
Album: Aquarius (2014)

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Lyrics for Far Side Of The Moon by Tinashe

Out of balance out of options
I've trying for hours trying to weigh the possibilities
For you and me
What it really take to truly be happy
Sick of wishing holding on to empty love ambitions
Happily ever after seems like fiction
I'd be foolish if my faith is slipping sadly

Get away from me
Wish that I could hear this
... get done for your nonsense
Don't wanna hear you speak
See you makes me nervous
Cause I really believe you still deserve it
Maybe just maybe I was mistaken
Maybe we could be perfect
Maybe I was forsaken
Maybe its really worth it
And I'll show ya

Running from my heart
Hate to go so soon
This has to be the end
You won't see me again
The far side of the moon
Running from my heart

So damn jaded
This uncertainty is so frustrating
I be up and like I'm waiting
I'm too old for all these games we playing
I'm just saying
You really think you the man
You out here running shit
You know you can
But I ain't like these other women
No I, I ain't really fucking with it



Last I fight
I'm moving on
You can do no wrong
Oh I'll be long gone


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Home > Tinashe > Far Side Of The Moon

This song is part of album 'Aquarius'
Aquarius lyrics Album: Aquarius
Artist: Tinashe
Release: (2014)
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  Far Side Of The Moon

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