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Wildfire by Tinashe

Aquarius lyrics Wildfire
Artist: Tinashe
Album: Aquarius (2014)


Lyrics for Wildfire by Tinashe

Feel the calm before the storm
I'll be leaving in the morning
You were my sweet summer song
But the summer's gone and I can't keep your fire burning

You're poison running through my veins
End it with a spark into a pool of gasoline

Flames rising
Hit me like a bullet
Finger on the trigger pull it, pull it
Wildfire, burn baby
Burn for me

Cash is grassed in the sand
As they swept into the sea
I could never understand
How you're easy come easy go
As you please


[Chorus x2]

Let me go let me go
Let me go let me go
Let me go let me go
Let me go let me go


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This song is part of album 'Aquarius'

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