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Dynamite Road by Alice Cooper

Paranormal lyrics

Dynamite Road lyrics

Artist: Alice Cooper
Album: Paranormal (2017)


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Yeah, life is just a party, man, we're looking for a thrill
We got rock 'n' roll and detroit soul and plenty of blood to spill
My life is cruisin' with my band man in my tricked out cadillac
We're always looking death right in the eye and never looking back.

See the night is full of nitro and we just might explode
'cause we're running like the devil up on dynamite road.

For the moon is makin' trouble, man, and the road is dark and long
Hell, we're all seeing double and we know nothing could go wrong.

Hey, there's a limo full of party girls and a pick-up full of goons
All fuels with hearts of perfidy, alcohol and skynyrd tunes
My car is breathin' hot and heavy, man, with a viscous evil growl
It's enough to wake the devil, man, it's enough to make him howl.

See the night was full of nitro and we thought we would explode
When that limo hit a hundred and he ran us off the road.

I woke up chokin' at the smell of burnin' hair and gasoline
Twisted chrome, melted glass and broken bodies at the scene.

Now the boys are up in heaven, man, I'm more likely down in hell
And I'm all wrapped up in bandages in a lonely holdin' cell
My memory might be kinda blurry man, but one thing I know for real
That slick black limo full of ladies had the devil at the wheel.

See the night was full of nitro and man did we explode
We were racing with the devil up on dynamite road.

I can understand why he forced the band to take their final breath
But did he have to trash my cadillac? man, I loved that car to death.

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Paranormal lyrics Artist: Alice Cooper
Album: Paranormal
Song: Dynamite Road
Release: (2017)
  Dynamite Road

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