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Private Public Breakdown by Alice Cooper

Paranormal lyrics

Private Public Breakdown lyrics

Artist: Alice Cooper
Album: Paranormal (2017)

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I know tomorrow's not today
I'm on my knees but not to pray
I feel what's real just slip away
I hope you like my, I hope you love my
I hope you see my private public breakdown.

The secret service
I make them nervous.

I watch the traffic passing by
I'm pretty sure that I can fly
Over the trees, but twice as high
My strange behavior, I gotta let give
'cause I'm the savior resurrected.

I don't need meds to tie me down
Or squads of feds to stand around
'cause I love floating off the ground
So welcome to my, I hope you like my
I think I love my private public breakdown.

And I assure you
That given time
I can cure you.

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Home > Alice Cooper > Private Public Breakdown

Paranormal lyrics Artist: Alice Cooper
Album: Paranormal
Song: Private Public Breakdown
Release: (2017)
  Private Public Breakdown

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