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All The Time In The World by Boyzone

Where We Belong lyrics

All The Time In The World lyrics

Artist: Boyzone
Album: Where We Belong (1998)

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I know you're feeling kind of nervous
'cause we're finally all alone
I know you've had some other lovers
And they left you kind of cold
And so you built a fortress so mighty high and hopeless
Takes a lot of time to make walls crumble
Stone by stone I'd make them tumble for you
'cause I've got all the time in the world
All my life for you girl
Now the timin' is right, baby we got all night
Lay right here by my side, take your dreams for a ride
Love's like sand making pearls
And I've got all the time in the world

I know it's hard to let me love you
When my trust is on the line
I know it takes a lot of courage
When your faith is hard to find
I'd never try to hurt you
Fight heaven and earth to protect you
There's nothing to fear when I'm with you

[Chorus to fade]

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Home > Boyzone > All The Time In The World


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