Boyzone Song Lyrics - I'll Never Not Need You
I'll Never Not Need You by Boyzone

Where We Belong lyrics

I'll Never Not Need You lyrics

Artist: Boyzone
Album: Where We Belong (1998)

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I may not need to sail the ocean
I've got no need to climb a mountain high
But there'll be no time I won't need you by my side
You can depend on my love forever
You can be sure baby, sure baby..
I'll never not want you.. (never not care)
Never not need to always be there
No I'll never stop
Loving you the way that I do
No matter what you'll do
I'll never not want you sharing my life
Never not need to feel your touch at night
No there's one thing I'll never not do
I'll never not need you..
Never not need you baby

I don't want no one else's kisses
I'll never hunger for another's touch
And there'll be no one else this heart will ever love
You can be sure I am your forever
'cause you are my world baby,
World baby..


I don't need the whole world at my feet
But I will always need you loving me
You're just so much a part of me
I'll stop breathing before I'll ever stop
Needing you..

[Chorus to fade]

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Home > Boyzone > I'll Never Not Need You


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