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Below you can read the song lyrics of Back Stabbin' Betty by Cage the Elephant, found in Album Cage the Elephant released by Cage the Elephant in 2009. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Press CTRL-D on your keyboard to bookmark this page. Report broken, missing or wrong video to us here and we will fix it.

Cage the Elephant - Cage the Elephant lyrics

Back Stabbin' Betty
Cage the Elephant Song Lyrics

Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Cage the Elephant (2009)

A poor guy that man john thomas
His woman truly was a devil
She wasn't all that honest
She tore him down on every level.

You're a no, good, lazy mother fucker
Got a, shit job you worthless mother fucker
You're a, a dead beat, feel sorry for your mother
If I had time, I'd trade you for another.

He don't like that
He wasn't like that
He wants to go back home.

He tried so hard to please her
He sold his soul to keep her happy
But nothin he did impressed her
She always left him feelin' shady.

This is it, no, this can't be all you bought me
I'm high class, and this is what you brought me
Gonna, strike low just like my momma taught me
You're a low life, you're lucky that you got me.

He don't like that
He wasn't like that
He wants to go back home.

Down deep, way down inside him
The will to leave was growing stronger
And he bit his tongue for so long
He couldn't hold back any longer.

You're a two, faced ruthless instigator
You're a low jack, shapely masquerader
You're a cold bitch, controlling conservator
This is two much, I'm out I'll see ya later.

She don't like that
But she got it like that
No she don't like that
But he's right back on track
He got to go back home.

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Home > Cage the Elephant > Back Stabbin' Betty

Cage the Elephant lyrics Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Cage the Elephant
Song: Back Stabbin' Betty
Release: (2009)

  Back Stabbin' Betty

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