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Drones In The Valley by Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant lyrics

Drones In The Valley lyrics

Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Cage the Elephant (2009)

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While bullets shower the earth
We turn our heads and cover our faces
Now flames devour the sky
And I hear these words in the back of my mind

Here we stand at this fork in the road
We got no time to waste
Oh which way shall we go?
This old world's spinning out of control
Oh which way shall we go?
Which way shall we go?
I can't believe this, it makes me sick

Fresh smell of death on your tongue
You bait the hook and here come the children
Another grave stone to sell
While you get rich in the valley of hell


The devil's creeping
He's got us eating from his dirty hands
We feast on lies
Which makes it hard for us to make a stand
Out in the desert
There's a forest full of fallen trees
It's what they want
But it's not what we need

Screaming at the ceiling
Doesn't make it better
Slipped into a coma
Lost my favorite sweater
Ask them no more questions
You'll never catch them lying
It's time to make our move
And strike them right between the eyes

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Home > Cage the Elephant > Drones In The Valley

Cage the Elephant lyrics Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Cage the Elephant
Song: Drones In The Valley
Release: (2009)
  Drones In The Valley

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