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Elope - Christina Milian lyrics

Christina Milian Song Lyrics

Artist: Christina Milian
Album: Elope (2011)

[Verse 1]
Rolling through the streets though I got somewhere to go
Driving past your house though I'm creeping on the low
I look up and see your light on through the window
But your truck ain't there so maybe you're not home
Then I get to wondering having all kind of thoughts like
Maybe there some other chick sleepin on them sheets I bought
I'm not usually so damn insecure
But I don't know what's up with you no more

I can feel my heart beating through my chest
A hundred beats per minute pounding thru this fast
Cause I realize I'm in disguise, sanity compromised.
This is getting crazy but your ass done made me be a stalker,
B a stalker I don't want to be a stalker be a stalker but I gotta be.
Dippin in the city inna nothin but my car, with my girls up in the back trying to find where you are

[Verse 2]
You tell me that you love me, page me everday
So why is it that I don't believe a word that you say?
The rumors or maybe it's the little clues I don't trust you
But I love you what can I do
U tell me that I should relax that I don't got no solid facts
But you dug your last girl, pulled some shit behind her back
Listen up I won't be nobodys fool boy, earn my trust... until then I'm watching you boy.



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