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Elope - Christina Milian lyrics

Christina Milian Song Lyrics

Artist: Christina Milian
Album: Elope (2011)

So we was up (up) in the club
To the bar, hit 'em up
Now it's straight to the bar; hang low
Hips made him fall could you pick him up?
All up in my ear talking mad shit
So I was all up in ear with sum mad shit
Played hard to get but you kinda cute,
I'm hard to get but you kinda cute
Now he all up on me wanna know c.
All up on me like he know c.
So I put it on him for a couple weeks.
Now he, can't keep his hands off my zipper.

Always loving on me.
(Zipper) always hugging on me
(Zipper) and always got you tuggin on my,
Tuggin on my zipper;
Ain't got nothing on me.
(Zipper) but you always searching on me.
(Zipper) I'm trynna go, but he can't keep his hands.

I know [x11]

So I put (put) put him on
And every time he see me, wanna get it on
Taking me to meet his mommy, yup its a wrap
Buy me chanel, yup its a wrap
Stay up on ?, like a white thong
Keep (keep) keep him on me
Say he at the mall
Now he's always at my door like a fedex
Cause I opened him up like a fedex
If you ain't seen him, then he with c
If he ain't with you, then he with me
If you ain't heard from him in a couple weeks
Then he couldn't keep his hand off my zipper


I know [x11]

When he's (when he's)
With me (with me)
He know (he know)
There ain't (there ain't)
No place I'll rather be
They ain't (they ain't)
Like me (like me)
I got him hugged up (hugged up)
Loved up (loved up)

Tuggin on my zipper [x4]


I know [x11]


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