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Eagle On A Pole
Conor Oberst Song Lyrics

Artist: Conor Oberst
Album: Outer South (2009)

Saw an eagle on a pole
I think it was an eagle
Watched its shadow fly across the cement.

I woke up in the snow
All the trees were crowds of people
No coat, no shoes, no idea where they went.

I followed the fence-line thin
Back where the yard begins
My woman, she stood crying like a man.

So, where have you been?
Where have you been?
I thought you said that all of that was done
El cielo es azul, just don't go telling everyone.

Thought the kettle was a train
Thought that monday was a door frame
I tried so hard to finally settle down.

Heard the fire pop and snap
Like a tack piano rag
I never could get used to happy sounds.

Yeah, I hope the world's exposed
A cruel and elaborate hoax
That convinces me to walk without a cane.

But what can you do?
What can you do?
I always heard that what is done is done
El cielo es azul, just don't go telling everyone.

The past don't ever quit
Those boxes in the attic
Baby shoes and taxidermy dreams.

While the ashes of the dead
Like a dandelion head
Explode and then are scattered by the breeze.

And it's such a long way back
To all the fun I had
When nothing ever seemed to bother me.

But what can you do, child?
What can you do?
Sleep 'neath the stars and toil in the sun
El cielo es azul, just don't go telling everyone
El cielo es azul, just don't go telling everyone.


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