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Ten Women
Conor Oberst Song Lyrics

Artist: Conor Oberst
Album: Outer South (2009)

Ten women (ten women)
Ten women between you and me
Ten women (ten women)
Ten women, the nightmare, the fantasy.

Ten women, the thrill and the shame
Ten women, I miss you the same
While you're kissing the ring
Of some good timing king
Ten women, a fool I have made.

Two faces (two faces)
Two faces, two faces you have
Two faces (two faces)
Two faces, keep one in your bag.

Two faces from which you can choose
Two faces and neither are you
Though I'm biding my time
Like a cellar of wine
With two faces, you'll never be true.

One witness (one witness)
One witness is all that I need
One witness (one witness)
One witness, just someone to see.

One witness to all that's been done
One witness whose eyes will not run
Just someone to shout
In this big empty house
One witness to mourn for our love.

Ten women (ten women)
Ten women between you and me
Ten women (ten women)
Ten women, the glory, the tragedy.

Ten women to trust and betray
Ten women, I want you the same
It will be like it's been
If you come home again
Those ten women have all gone away.


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