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Gossamer Thin
Conor Oberst Song Lyrics

Artist: Conor Oberst
Album: Salutations (2017)

Rings 'round his eyes
Tracks down his arm
His fans are confused and his friends are alarmed
His wife doesn't talk
Hates when he's gone
Counts every skirt in his new entourage.

And they're all gossamer thin
Left of the dial, bohemians
And they dance, turnin' in style
They twirl 'round the room, curtsy and smile
And they sit at his feet, sippin' their tea
And swoon with each word he speaks.

She likes the new pope
She's not scared of hell
They meet once a week at a secret motel
She kisses his neck, she plays with his hair
Her screams sound like pleasure, her moans like despair.

And they're spread gossamer thin
Pushed to the edge, frayed at the ends
And it's no business of mine
If they can love more than one at a time
But they're pushing their luck
It's hard but they must
Risk it all for love.

Now I walk around in some kind of altered state
The drink in my hand is starting to shake
I get used to it if it's got to stay this way
A new bunch of flowers I'll have to arrange.

I don't want to eat or get out of bed
I try to recall what the therapist said
Ego and id, the essential self
You are who you are and you are someone else.

But I'm worn gossamer thin
Like delicate arch, carved by the wind
There's a glass psyche at stake
Throw me a brick, see if it breaks
'cause the mind and the brain aren't quite the same
But they both want out of this place.


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