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Rain Follows The Plow
Conor Oberst Song Lyrics

Artist: Conor Oberst
Album: Salutations (2017)

Straight away I learned to pray
Heap praise upon the sky
You go to heaven when you die
But keep that lake of fire in mind
Broke all the rules at catholic school
Turned to a life of crime
When I stole that motorbike
I left a trail of tears behind.

Had casual sex, smoked cigarettes
Threw caution to the wind
Was a winding path but I always plan
To get back to you again.

Till the ground to see the clouds
The rain follows the plow
But it's never as profound
As I wanted it to be
Now the birds, they sang the rites of spring
In summer's la-z-boy
I sat down to enjoy a world
That was comfortable and green.

Wore a red feather hawk and a celtic cross
Pierced into my ear
No matter where I went I meant
To make my way back here.

But I don't need god or common law
To tell me right from wrong
'cause when you press me to your chest
I know where I belong.

Home > Conor Oberst > Rain Follows The Plow


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