Darius Rucker Song Lyrics - I Got Nothin'
I Got Nothin' by Darius Rucker

Charleston, SC 1966 lyrics

I Got Nothin' lyrics

Artist: Darius Rucker
Album: Charleston, SC 1966 (2010)


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It's my third cup of coffee
Fifth time I've said I'm sorry
The sun slowly peaking through the glass
Says we been up all night
We both know where this is going
It's been a long time coming
Is it really over, is this really goodbye
Maybe I should say something
Maybe you'd change your mind
Maybe, maybe buy a little more time

But I got nothin'
No magic words
To stop your leavin'
To end this hurt
I'm just blank
I'm just staring into space
Praying please, please let me think of something
Cause I got nothin'

I watch you pack your things
You look down at your ring
You slowly slip it off and then
You lay it on our bed
Maybe I should pick it up
And get down on my knees
Tell you what you wanna hear
And give you what you need

[Repeat chorus]

You're almost at the door
And you stop and turn around
Your eyes are begging me
Please say something right now

[Repeat chorus]

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Charleston, SC 1966 lyrics Artist: Darius Rucker
Album: Charleston, SC 1966
Song: I Got Nothin'
Release: (2010)
  I Got Nothin'

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