Darius Rucker Song Lyrics - Might Get Lucky
Might Get Lucky by Darius Rucker

Charleston, SC 1966 lyrics

Might Get Lucky lyrics

Artist: Darius Rucker
Album: Charleston, SC 1966 (2010)


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I'll chase the kids around the yard all afternoon
Put away the dishes so she don't have to
Fix the screen door on the porch like I said I'd do

Tell her I don't know how you do it baby when I'm gone
Dance her 'round the kitchen to a george strait song
Sneak a kiss on the back of the neck like we were alone

And if I'm right on the money
You know I might get lucky

There's a window of opportunity between
When the kids are tucked in and a half glass of chardonnay
She knows what I'm thinking reads me like a book
But the key to get a second look
And a come here honey
Is treat her right in the daylight
And I might get lucky

Well I work out on the road and it wears us thin
She wonders when I'm leaving even when I'm walking in
So we set aside time to get to know each other again
And if I play my cards right
I know it sounds kind of funny
But I might get lucky

[Repeat chorus]

Someday she might wake up and see
She's way out of my league
But then again
Maybe she won't
You know I might get lucky

[Repeat chorus]

I might get lucky
I might get lucky
I might get lucky

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Charleston, SC 1966 lyrics Artist: Darius Rucker
Album: Charleston, SC 1966
Song: Might Get Lucky
Release: (2010)
  Might Get Lucky

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