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Distant Star by First Aid Kit

Ruins lyrics

Distant Star lyrics

Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Ruins (2018)


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Well, a goodbye never seems finished
Just like these songs that I write
They hang all off like stars in the night
There's nothing left but the illusion of light
And you, you could have been mine.

Your mother she's an actress
And we're all putting on a play
There's some conviction, pretend it's all real
Try to ignore how sad it all feels
Yes try not to break her heart if you can.

Hold on to whatever you can until it's gone
Carry on for none of us will be here for too long.

I'll try not to let the world
And its darkness bring me down
Think of the love and the beauty I found
The simple things that I've left behind
Oh the way he'd make me laugh.

But I'll hold on to whatever I can until it's gone
I'll carry on for none of us will be here for too long

You're a distant star
My darling you're so far away
You were never meant to stay
I reached out to see
If you're still here with me
Maybe we could have made it easy
Could we.

Now I will never know you
You were just someone passing by
And it makes me sad to think about
All the stories and things I'll be without
But I think I'm getting used to the silence now.

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Ruins lyrics Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Ruins
Song: Distant Star
Release: (2018)
  Distant Star

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