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To Live A Life by First Aid Kit

Ruins lyrics

To Live A Life lyrics

Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Ruins (2018)


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I wrote you a letter
To make myself feel better
To redeem some part of me
I thought I had lost
And we were a lost cause
Long before we fell apart
'cause honey, I was too eager
And you were too smart
And I look for you
In these empty rooms
You're a phone call away
I'm on the interstate
And I've been drinking cheap wine
Just to pass the time
I'm falling behind
And it doesn't matter
Who you are to me.

Well I'm just like my mother
We both love to run
Chase impossible things
Or unreachable dreams
Lie awake in the night
Thinking this can't be right
But there is no other way
To live a life alone
I'm alone now.

Then suddenly we wake from this dream that we have made
It hits you all at once and then it slowly fades
I'm raising in to nothing now, it all falls away
I know it now for my own sake that I cannot stay.

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Ruins lyrics Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Ruins
Song: To Live A Life
Release: (2018)
  To Live A Life

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