Freezepop Song Lyrics - Afterparty
Afterparty by Freezepop

Future Future Future Perfect lyrics

Afterparty lyrics

Artist: Freezepop
Album: Future Future Future Perfect (2007)


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One night he went out dancing
Much too soon the night was done
So he asked some people over
They could keep on having fun
He said it's cool, invite some friends
A lot of people soon stopped by
The house was filled with strangers
He let everyone inside
Then things got a little crazy
A few more hours quickly passed
Slowly people started leaving
He was up until the last
Standing in his living room
He surveyed all the mess
He gave up and went to bed
Declared his party a success
Getting ready the next morning
Went to put some product in his hair
Reached over to the bathroom shelf
But the bedhead wasn't there
He looked under the sink
Blinked his eyes in disbelief
The bedhead was really gone
Someone at the party was a thief
Bedhead is expensive
That was a shitty thing to do
Don't drink someone's elses beer
And then swipe their belongings too
I wrote a song about stealing bikes
You know it's not entirely true
Theft's a lot less awesome
When it's happening to you

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Future Future Future Perfect lyrics Artist: Freezepop
Album: Future Future Future Perfect
Song: Afterparty
Release: (2007)

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