Freezepop Song Lyrics - Brainpower
Brainpower by Freezepop

Future Future Future Perfect lyrics

Brainpower lyrics

Artist: Freezepop
Album: Future Future Future Perfect (2007)


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'I love it.'

Had a good idea the other day
Gonna start a new band and we'll learn to play
We'll be the best

If you're looking for our record at the mall
Well here's the thing, we'll be called

Brainpower (x7)

Did I mention I was drunk
When I thought it up
It was kind of dumb
Maybe not the best

It is not a good band name
No, I should have used that very same
Braaaaainpower that I'd mentioned before

Brainpower (x8)

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Future Future Future Perfect lyrics Artist: Freezepop
Album: Future Future Future Perfect
Song: Brainpower
Release: (2007)

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