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Loath To Refuse
Gotye Song Lyrics

Artist: Gotye
Album: Boardface (2003)

If you don't want me now
Then you can't have me later
Cause I won't wait for you
So don't expect me to

If you won't love me now
Then we'll be nothing after
So you had better stay
Lest I take my love away

You don't want to lose me
But you're loath to refuse me
And I know that you'll always choose me
Over anybody else

If you won't leave me now
You won't see me later
Leave me on my own
I need to be alone now

And though you want me now
You can wait 'till after
Cause patience is a virtue my love
The question is ?? do you have enough'?

Home > Gotye > Loath To Refuse


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