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True To You
Gotye Song Lyrics

Artist: Gotye
Album: Boardface (2003)

I'll be true to you [x4]

Another former lover man
Come crawlin' back again
So you wanna make it good
You say you needa be understood
Well you should know
There can't be no understandin'
When all you got's demandin'

Well you've shown me you can stay
Well away from me
And you do so happily
So I thought that you would know
Just where you can go

I won't be here when
You do it again

So you say this time this thing will last
So why you wanna do it all so fast
I think you're tryin' to relive the past
Ain't no use you prayin'
Are you hearin' what I'm sayin'?

I won't be here when
You do it again

Home > Gotye > True To You


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