Mac Miller Song Lyrics - Loitering
Loitering - Song Lyrics - by Mac Miller

Below you can read the song lyrics of Loitering by Mac Miller, found in Album Blue Slide Park released by Mac Miller in 2011. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Press CTRL-D on your keyboard to bookmark this page. Report broken, missing or wrong video to us here and we will fix it.

Blue Slide Park - Mac Miller lyrics

Mac Miller Song Lyrics

Artist: Mac Miller
Album: Blue Slide Park (2011)

Cam erlim, is that it?
Oh no, cam rellim, haha
Cam rellim at your service, with these verses

[Verse 1 mac miller]
Ay yo I'm park bench chillin', burger patty grillin'
Everybody love to say my name is rumpelstiltskin
Call up wolfgang puck, tell me come and bring a meal in
My stomach full, I'll go against the world like scott pilgrim
Way above the building, bungee jumpin' down
They say I'm gettin' trendy like I come after a pound sign
Hashtag mac, this ain't backpack rap
Give a fuck bout what you sayin' after platinum plated plaques
Take it back, cookin' on them hoes, you can make a casserole
Mad that I can rap so well, and everything on factual
Ain't worth it, if not laughable, I'm off the wall as racquetball
Dick that keep your girl awake all night, they call is adderall
Youngin' on his grind, workin' harder than your dad work
Black shirt, rellim cam, that's my name said backwards
Ask first, hell nah, treat em' like a bellhop
Let em hold my bags and give a tip for that ass, boy

I'm too old to be chillin' at the playground
Say I'm too old to be chillin' at the playground
Never be too old to be chillin' at the playground
Shorty come and kick it at the swings

I'm way too old to be chillin' at the playground
Say I'm too old to be chillin' at the playground
Cops comin', muthafucker stay down
Girl I'll be waitin' at the swings

[Verse 2 mac miller]
Ay yo I'm blue park slidin', go-cart drivin'
Got this rap shit down to a science
My louie belt way nicer than orion's, confined to an assignment
You won't finish in the kitchen, like appliance
Is just a muthafuckin' kid, say my head is gettin' big
No that's my ego, trippin' somewhere where they need a ski-slope
Rockin' in the fall like a pea-coat, freaks with a deep throat
Students run the class, y'all should keep notes
Drunk then I'm hard to understand, don vito
Ace in the casino, I'm robert de'niro
I be low, key though, young nino with my jeans low
Your girl love it when I speak slow, she go [moaning]
You can hear the way she's moaning
Started back at midnight, had it 'til the morning
Wake up with some morning wood
Hit it before work, yeah I'm sure she would
All my female fans like 'I'm sure it's good'


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Blue Slide Park lyrics Artist: Mac Miller
Album: Blue Slide Park
Song: Loitering
Release: (2011)


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