Mac Miller Song Lyrics - PA Nights
PA Nights - Song Lyrics - by Mac Miller

Below you can read the song lyrics of PA Nights by Mac Miller, found in Album Blue Slide Park released by Mac Miller in 2011. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Press CTRL-D on your keyboard to bookmark this page. Report broken, missing or wrong video to us here and we will fix it.

Blue Slide Park - Mac Miller lyrics

PA Nights
Mac Miller Song Lyrics

Artist: Mac Miller
Album: Blue Slide Park (2011)

[Verse 1 mac miller]
Hey, 10,000 dollar hands, million dollar plan
My fam's still the only people that really know me for who I am
Damn, got me askin' when I got this fly
The type to change because of fame, I'm just not that guy
Still sippin' on my 40 when the cops drove by
When I go, gotta tell my girl to stop, don't cry
See, i-i-i been buyin' these diamonds
All designer clothes and a benz just to drive in
Autograph signin' must've got to my head
Fuck that, I've been the same lil' mofucka
Always down to share my shit, melody with snare kick
So I don't give a fuck about some lames I rode the ferry with
My larynx is imperative to live, music's what I need, boy
Destroy all of these fake me's, they decoys
Everywhere I go, these companies give me free toys
These random strangers just treatin' me like weed? boys

Pennsylvania nights, 930 flights
Thinking to myself, where does all this go?
No time to care, more I can share
By now, this life is all I know
So this is all I know, this is all I know
Taught myself to walk, then got up and took flight
Hey, bullshit's always gonna be bullshit
So make a toast to the good life

[Verse 2 mac miller]
Hey, hey, 10,000 dollar hands, billion dollar plan
Listenin' to jams while I'm sittin' in my van
This is who I am, wrote these lyrics on my dna code
Happy as hell, mdma, yo!
Fuck a job, there ain't no one that I call my boss
We just tryna work so we can blow up like a molotov
And it kinda wake me up like a coffee shop
Thinkin' bout my people who was murdered in the holocaust
Got me thankful just for life by itself
And there's way more people here I should be tryna to help
And my moms is spendin' money how I do, probably yes
It's just funny old people see the logo on my chest
You got ya thumb held high, we can be friends
Other people pretend, we hang out on the weekends
These fuckers lil' bit creepy, so we just leave them
Say get some rest, when I die, I'mma sleep in


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Blue Slide Park lyrics Artist: Mac Miller
Album: Blue Slide Park
Song: PA Nights
Release: (2011)

  PA Nights

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