Miranda Lambert Song Lyrics - Airstream Song
Airstream Song - Song Lyrics - by Miranda Lambert

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Revolution - Miranda Lambert lyrics

Airstream Song
Miranda Lambert Song Lyrics

Artist: Miranda Lambert
Album: Revolution (2009)

Sometimes I wish I lived in airstream homemade curtains
Lived just like a gypsy.
Break a heart, roll out of town
Cause gypsies never get tied down

Sometimes I wish I lived on a mountain
Drank from a stream
Instead of a fountain
I'd stay there, top of the world
But I was born a red dirt girl

Unbridled, or tethered in tide
The saftey of the fence or the danger of the ride
I'll always be unsatisfied

Sometimes I wish I lived by a pier
In a lighthouse with a chandelier
I'd watch everybody's ships come in
And then I'd sail away with them

Unanchored in a storm
Or safety on the shore
If this is all I need
Why do I want more?

Sometimes I wish I lived in airstream homemade curtains
Lived just like a gypsy

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