Miranda Lambert Song Lyrics - Maintain The Pain
Maintain The Pain - Song Lyrics - by Miranda Lambert

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Revolution - Miranda Lambert lyrics

Maintain The Pain
Miranda Lambert Song Lyrics

Artist: Miranda Lambert
Album: Revolution (2009)

I put a bullet in my radio
Something just hit me funny I don't know
Just pulled the trigger going down the road
You slam the door and knock me off the wire
Then walk in lines and you been burning tires
Slow and easy ain't that what you like?

It's insane it's in vain
You stay to maintain the pain

I hear your name and then it burns a hole
I swear I hate you but I can't let go
The kind of feelings that you can't console

It's in all vain it's all insane
I swear you'll stay
I swear you'll stay to maintain the pain

It's all in vain it's all insane
I swear you'll stay
I swear you'll stay to main the pain

Maintain the pain

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Revolution lyrics Artist: Miranda Lambert
Album: Revolution
Song: Maintain The Pain
Release: (2009)

  Maintain The Pain

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