Mutemath Song Lyrics - All I See
All I See - Song Lyrics - by Mutemath

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Vitals - Mutemath lyrics

All I See
Mutemath Song Lyrics

Artist: Mutemath
Album: Vitals (2015)

I have looked out on the wonders
That the world can offer
I have watched a perfect love that
Found its ever after
And I have sailed across a lake of
Glass, paved with diamonds
Whenever I find something beautiful.

Your face is all I see
Your smile, tears
Your laughter have captured me.

I have laid on silver sand and watched
A golden sunrise
Felt the joy in moments when a lifelong
Dream was realized
And I have flown across a painted sky
Of god surrounding
Whenever I find something wonderful.

Your face is all I see
Your smile, tears
Your laughter have captured me.

And everything around is beautiful
Everything around is love.

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Vitals lyrics Artist: Mutemath
Album: Vitals
Song: All I See
Release: (2015)

  All I See

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