Mutemath Song Lyrics - Stratosphere
Stratosphere by Mutemath

Vitals lyrics

Stratosphere lyrics

Artist: Mutemath
Album: Vitals (2015)


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Walking on air, living in the
Still there's something wrong up here
Living without you
I don't have a care running round the stratosphere
But it's awfully lonely here
Running without you.

Sitting high on top the world was
All I ever wanted
But now I see it wasn't worth the casualty I suffered
In this dark sky.

I never meant to have to start all over
Start all over without you.

Drifting out alone, lying in the
Wishing I was anywhere else
Lying next to you.

There's nothing in this galaxy holding
My attention
The sun has lost it's gravity and severed my
To the starlight.

I never meant to have to start all over
Start all over without you, without you.

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Vitals lyrics Artist: Mutemath
Album: Vitals
Song: Stratosphere
Release: (2015)

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