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Make It Matter by Natalie Grant

Relentless lyrics

Make It Matter lyrics

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Relentless (2008)


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Pack my bags and my regrets
Every second that I've wasted
Chasing after
My pursuit of happiness
Has only left me searching
There must be more

Take my life and lift me up to the sky
Take my dreams and help me to fly
On the wings of possibility
Come rewrite my history
(Till it's) only you I'm chasing after
Take this life and make it matter

Help me give more than I take
Let me see into somebody else's heartache
And be the difference love can make
My heart is finally finding
That there is more

Only one life to live
Only one love to give
Only one life, only one love
So make it, make it matter


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Relentless lyrics Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Relentless
Song: Make It Matter
Release: (2008)
  Let Go
  Make It Matter

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