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Safe by Natalie Grant

Relentless lyrics

Safe lyrics

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Relentless (2008)


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How did you know
That I'm all alone today
Oh I feel so scared
And I want to go away
I bleed so deep underneath
My soul is screaming

I'm not gonna hide
I'm not gonna run away
I'll uncover the scars
And show you every mistake
Your love has mended my blisters
And my bruising shame
Now I, I'm not ashamed.
Here with you
I am safe

Drowning the tears
Won't make it go away
It's robbing my soul
I'm taking this mask off my face
To discover love
And uncover all
It means to live and breathe


You've uncovered and I've discovered
I am not afraid
But when we're hiding we're only fighting
To be sane


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Relentless lyrics Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Relentless
Song: Safe
Release: (2008)
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