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Heal me by Ronan Keating

Ronan lyrics

Heal me lyrics

Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Ronan (2000)


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Heal me
Steal me
Feel me
Heal me
When things
Don't turn out right
And it feels like you
Lost the fight
When things don't work
Out quite the way
Friend you can
Look my way

Let's start thinking
With our hearts
Then this world,
Can make a new start

Why won't you
Heal me
Love won't you
Steal me
Into the night
Feel me
(I believe,
I believe,
I believe)
Heal me

If there's been
A change of plans
Someone to let
Go of your hand
When things ain't
Looking quite the way
You've got a
Place to stay

Let's start thinking
With our hearts
Then this world,
Can make a new start

[Repeat chorus]

And there ain't no reason
For us to lose our
Faith in this world
If only us people on earth
Can just change the
Love will unfurl,
Funny innit

[Repeat chorus]

If they stole your rights
And you're lost
In the night
When skies
Don't look bright
My friend
Don't lose sight
When you just
Cannot fight no more
That's when
I need you
That's when
I really need you
That's when
I need you
To call me

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