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Life Is A Rollercoaster by Ronan Keating

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Life Is A Rollercoaster lyrics

Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Ronan (2000)

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Hey baby you really
Got my tail in a spin
Hey baby I don't even
Know where to begin
But baby I got one thing
I want you to know
Wherever you go tell me
'Cause I'm gonna go

We found love,
So don't hide it
Life is a rollercoaster,
Just gotta ride it
I need you,
So stop hiding
Our love is a mystery
Girl, let's get beside it

Hey baby, you really
Got me flying tonight
Hey sugar, you almost
Got us punched in a fight
(That's all right)
And baby you know one
Thing I gotta know
Wherever you go, tell me
'Cause I'm gonna show

[Repeat chorus]

Can't you feel my heart?
Can't you feel my heart?
Can't you take my heart?

[Repeat chorus]

So don't fight it,
Fight it, fight it

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Home > Ronan Keating > Life Is A Rollercoaster

Ronan lyrics Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Ronan
Song: Life Is A Rollercoaster
Release: (2000)
  Life Is A Rollercoaster

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