Tori Kelly Song Lyrics - 3/26/1994
3/26/1994 - Song Lyrics - by Tori Kelly

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Inspired By True Events - Tori Kelly lyrics

Tori Kelly Song Lyrics

Artist: Tori Kelly
Album: Inspired By True Events (2019)

Who wants to pray for us?
Heavenly father
Alright, then
Dear, father, uh, today we come to be in this solemn moment. it is this precious time and a, uh, momentous time in that we want to give victoria loren back to you. you've been the creator and you informed her and she has grown beautiful, beautifully, but today we give her back to you, and we ask you to give her a special, uh, upbringing, oh, lord. may she come out to be a jewel for you, oh, lord. may she shine and grow in health and strength, be a blessing to her parents, and a blessing to you, most of all. lord, use her as your will be. let your grace shine on her. and let your mercy be ever, uh, present. we pray in jesus' name. amen.

You gonna be blessed!
That's right
You already taken care of, girl

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Inspired By True Events lyrics Artist: Tori Kelly
Album: Inspired By True Events
Song: 3/26/1994
Release: (2019)


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