Tori Kelly Song Lyrics - Until Forever
Until Forever - Song Lyrics - by Tori Kelly

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Inspired By True Events - Tori Kelly lyrics

Until Forever
Tori Kelly Song Lyrics

Artist: Tori Kelly
Album: Inspired By True Events (2019)

It's only you and I
Under painted skies
Can't believe you're mine
And when you look in my eyes
It's like paradise
Fingers intertwined.

(Don't let go)
It's just me and you against a world of fools
Ain't nobody have your back the way I do
Baby I was born for loving you
So let...

Let me fall for you like pouring rain
I'm where I wanna be
When you're holding me
I can't help myself, got me feeling some kinda way
Yeah, I'll be loving you
Until forever.

With every step we take
From london to la
We keep it moving babe
It only fuels the fire
So just say the word, my love, and we can run away.

Baby, we got something we can't lose
Ain't nobody I would rather choose
I know that I was made for loving you
So let...

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Inspired By True Events lyrics Artist: Tori Kelly
Album: Inspired By True Events
Song: Until Forever
Release: (2019)

  Until Forever

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