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Eternal - War Of Ages lyrics

Lack Of Clarity
War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Eternal (2010)

Self liberation of our emptiness this proves to be
Everything I wanted
Lost inside yet it seems so clear
Is this all we're made for?
The trials keep on rolling and holding you down
Stuck inside yourself through every moment
The battle rages on even tho you're never home
I guess this is the one thing I can count on
I'm lost inside your world
Hoping that you'll save me
We're holding on to you again
And revealing what you've promised me
Our misperception of your living word has left me here
Confusion over passion
Anger builds over right and wrong
Allowing hate to build in us

Home > War Of Ages > Lack Of Clarity

Eternal lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Eternal
Release: (2010)

  Lack Of Clarity

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