War Of Ages Song Lyrics - Your Betrayal
Your Betrayal - Song Lyrics - by War Of Ages

Eternal - War Of Ages lyrics

Your Betrayal
War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Eternal (2010)

To everything I hated, an anthem
Built for the weak
I've wasted time on you
You've become a thought of the past
It's now become so clear
I'm not worth an ounce of your time
If I could have a moment
I'd have the strength to see this through
When you come crawling back, I'll be waiting
For now your words will fall on deaf ears
I guess you'll have to find yourself alone
Remember me when you are ready, I'm waiting
The wounds of your betrayal run thick with blood
And beauty comes from ashes, we will rise again
The only thing I wanted was a simple request
Through every failing moment
I've learned what I should be
All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Was too much to ask
And too much to feel

Eternal lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: Eternal
Release: (2010)

  Your Betrayal

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