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Frontside by Buckcherry
Time Bomb lyrics Song: Frontside
Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb (2001)
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It's after midnight the sucker's faded, turn out the porch light and feel the front side
The cold sweat, the presentation, the fighting, and this head of mine, tone deaf and out of place in another state and I'm back on the font line
We never see you when your fallen breath left hypnotized, can't quite deliver it so stay with this and you'll feel the front side

Short life, the face invaders, the heartaches, and my state of mind, can't wait to turn out late and get so fucking out of line


You take my energy, destiny, eat me up cause your starving lady, starving lady, lady
Got all your blasphemy, sodomy, beat me up cause you like it baby, like it baby, baby

Feel the front side
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Time Bomb lyrics Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb
Release: (2001)